How to Crop a Travel Video to Highlight Important Elements

When you travel and take videos spontaneously it is likely that not all of them will be ‘picture perfect’ in terms of composition and how they frame the important elements that you’d like to highlight. One of the ways to fix that is by cropping the videos later on so that they focus on the elements that you want them to.

While this may sound fairly technical to the uninitiated, it’s really relatively easy provided you have the right tools to do so.

Plan the Composition

First and foremost determine the element (or elements) that you want to highlight. Then, decide what composition would be best to do so. For example, you may have taken a wide shot while you were whale watching where the whales themselves only appear towards the left side of the video. In that case, cropping part of the right (and perhaps the top and bottom) so that they appear more centrally could be ideal.

Take your time and maybe fiddle about with composition a bit before deciding. It will vary from shot to shot, and depends on how you want to frame the important elements in your video.

Start Cropping!

Once you’ve decided which parts of your video you want to crop – the one key ingredient that you’ll need is a good video editor that can act as a video cropper. The Movavi Video Editor is a particularly good choice in this regard due to the fact that it has extensive features and yet is extremely user-friendly at the same time.

With it, all you need to do to crop a video is:

1 Add the video by clicking ‘Add Media Files’ and selecting the video.
2 Switch to ‘Storyboard’ mode by clicking the button above the default Timeline
3 Click the ‘Crop’ button in the Preview area and drag and resize the rectangle to define the desired frame area.
4 Save the video using a preset to optimize it for the platform that you want to use it on.

Make no mistake, there’s a lot else you can accomplish with the Movavi Video Editor and it has features that will allow you to enhance the video quality, add special effects and filters, include background music, insert titles, and much more. Go ahead and check it out – you could really transform your video into something special by using it.

Loboc River Cruise

My Mom is Boholana so we are obliged to go home every year in order to celebrate my Mom’s hometown Fiesta. But Last April we went to Bohol not to celebrate the Feast of any Patron but to have our vacation. Together with Papa N and the our kids we conquered Bohol for the first time, together. We even surprised Papa N because he didn’t know that his Brother and Sis in law will be with us for our one-week vacation in Bohol.

Of course, if you are in Bohol, you have to try out Loboc River Cruise. You should not MISS IT! The cruise, the food, and the view are simply awesome.


The Perfect Wood Watch

I celebrated my 30th birthday last week and I am glad that a lot of people remembered and greeted me. But before my 30th birthday, a gift arrived at my doorstep. A Wood Watch, a Jord Watch, the 94A-Cherry specifically. I am not the kind of person who collects a lot of watches and wear it whenever I feel like wearing it. I am the kind where in I got only one or two time pieces that I can match whatever outfit I am wearing. Having the Jord Watch makes my fashion life a little livelier.


What I like most with my Jord Watch is that it matches my necklace and my rings that I wore everyday. I do not have to worry about my looks or if my outfits and accessories matches because having a wood watch simply makes me look great. A lot of people have seen me wearing my wood watch and they kept on asking me where did I get one. I simply lead them to the online shop where I got mine because they were amazed not only by how it looks but the materials that was used.

Wood watches are so trendy these days, and I am glad that I am one of the pioneers in owning one. I will e posting a lot of fashionable photos in the coming days wearing my wood watch from Jord Watches so keep coming back.

JORD Wooden Watches

Parenting Teens

When you’re parenting teenagers, it can be difficult to know how to foster their independence and allow them express themselves without crossing a line. It’s important to allow teens to be themselves during their formative high school years so they can be successful in the real world after they’ve graduated. Here are some creative ways parents can assist teens in cultivating their individual sense of style.

Let Them Dress Themselves

When children are younger, it’s the parents’ job to pick out appropriate clothing every day. However, it’s important for teenagers to choose clothing that makes them feel good about how they look. Some teens will attempt to blend in with the rest of their peers, and others will be drawn to clothing and accessories that will cause them to stand out. Either way, as long as teenagers are allowed to be real, chances are they’ll make plenty of friends and feel comfortable with their peers.

Let Them Choose Their Favorite Hairstyles

There’s more to defining a personal sense of style than selecting appropriate clothing – teens need to be able to choose their hairstyles as well. Parents who are concerned that their teens will pick inappropriate hairstyles can still allow them to have a say by setting simple limits for them. An easy way to show teens that it’s okay to stand out is to allow them to purchase neon hair dye. They can select their favorite colors and show-off their creative streak to their friends. Let them test out a temporary dye first to ensure they’ll be happy with the color they pick.

Get to Know Their Friends

Socializing is extremely important for teenagers; it keeps them from feeling isolated and misunderstood at school. Parents can encourage teens to foster new relationship by getting to know their friends better. Hosting a dinner or inviting some of your teen’s friends to dinner is a great way to show you care about his or her friends.

While it’s important to demonstrate acceptance to your teenager, it’s equally important to remember to be yourself as well. You can set a good example by demonstrating your own unique sense of style at home.

Miss Pangantucan 2013 Bids Goodbye to the Crown

Miss Kor Jeanne Garces was crowned Miss Pangantucan two years ago. And now she finally said goodbye to it. She will forever wear an invisible crown in her head for she will always be one of our Binibining Pangantucan Beauty Queens. This paved the way to some of her achievements in her Beauty Pageant Life.