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Penshoppe in Style

Look what do we have here? Can you guess where this paper bag came from?

Well, well, well, the bag came from Penshoppe, my favorite brand of all time.

Last week, I bought a new shorts and a new blouse from Penshoppe. It is the rainy seasons so I don’t like to wear my jeans and get the hem of it wet due to the water on the streets so I prefer buying shorts and keep it dry.

Where to Stay in Bukidnon

After knowing how to get to Bukidnon, the second thing to know is where to stay in Bukidnon.
The 3 Best Hotels in Bukidnon:
PINE HILLS HOTEL – This hotel is located in Malaybalay Bukidnon. You can easily find this one because it is just along the hi-way, near the bus stop. The hotel has a restaurant, and a swimming pool. Most couple who got married in Monastery of Transfiguration have stayed in this hotel.
TAIPAN HOTEL and RESTAURANT – This hotel can be found in Valencia Bukidnon, along the hi-way also. They have a function hall, swimming pool and restaurant.
VILLA ESTELLA – This hotel is located in Maramag Bukidnon and is situated along the hi-way. The hotel has great bedrooms and delicious food too.

I want to share everything all about the hotels but I have not find the time to ask the hotel managers about their hotels, but I will eventually so just keep on coming back I might post a new entry about each hotel.

I want to post some pictures of Hotels here in Bukidnon but I somehow forget to take some when I was in those places so if I have the time, I will take those pictures and upload those immediately.

“Sharing this Christmas Season” – Zoan Style

Christmas is best shared with Pinoy Food Recipes on the table. Aside from Simbang-Gabi and Exchange of Gifts, Noche Buena is what I am really looking forward to every year during the Christmas Season because it is not every day that my Mom would cook delicious foods that are typical “Handa” for Noche Buena.

This year, our Christmas may not be the same for the years that have passed because we have lost 4 relatives just this year, 3 due to political killings and 1 due to sickness. Though we are grieving for our loss, we cannot let Christmas just pass by without celebrating it. Our lost loved ones will not be happy if we will still be grieving for them even though that Christmas season should be celebrated with Joy and Laughter. It is our tradition to celebrate Christmas with our relatives, kids do the exchanging of gifts and show some presentations during the mini-program we had after the Mass on the 24th of December.

My Mom and her siblings also see to it that they help in the Church’s gift-giving. Christmas is also the season of giving so we always see to it that old toys which can still be played will be given to children who cannot afford to buy a new one, old clothes will be given to the less fortunate and could appreciate it, and old bags and shoes/slippers to the needy who knock on our door and asks for some. Sharing the blessings that God has lent to us cannot hurt us; in fact more blessings will come our way if we share everything that we have.

Sharing is Love, and Love is God. Let us share to our brothers and sisters the material things that they don’t have.