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My Love for 2 Piece

My close friends haven’t seen me wearing 2 piece when we we are young, I just developed my love for these beauties when I turned 23. So now that I am 25, I only have 3 pairs of 2 piece because there are no swimming pools or beaches here in or town.

My favorite item/product in House of Flair is Victoria Secret’s Bikini (pink stripe-picture above) in Victoria Secret’s Bikini/Swimsuit album because my favorite color is Pink and just by the looks of this one, I know I can be as sexy as the VS models could be.

This is my official entry for dash’s contest.

My New Year’s Resolution

A New Year’s Resolution by a trying hard Fashionista and almost broke Viajera!
For a person like me, a New Year’s Resolution is indeed a NEED. Ever since I have learned how to write an essay in school, my English subject teacher would always asked me , or rather, the whole class to write a New Year’s Resolution in a bond paper and pass it before the year ends. So far, the only thing that I can remember is that my New Year’s Resolution is always BORING. So now, I will make it more COOL and FUN.
My New Year’s Resolution for 2011 is not to be a better daughter or a better mother but a better person. Though I sometimes answer back my parents when they talk to me or scold me for something I have done, I still consider myself as a good daughter because I don’t hold grudges against my parents and yes I admit my mistakes and faults and say sorry after what I have done and so I will try to become a better person in order to avoid more clashes with the parents. I am a single-mother and I know it is hard to be a father and mother at the same time to your child, so I will just have to stick to my new year’s resolution and that is to be a better person in order for me to be able to guide my son to become a good person even though we are only a family of two. Change is always constant and as long as I am open to the possibility that I could change my not-so-good ways of living my life into the more-right-things-to-do in my life, I can be a better person that what I am now.
And before I forgot, I want that BDJ Planner because I never had one. I won in an online contest last year or was it last January and I haven’t had it because I cannot claim it for I am living-so-far-away from Manila, so please let me have that BDJ Planner now and make my wish come true.

This is my official entry to Skysenshi’s Contest. You can join it too by checking it out here: SkySenshi.

Sandals full of Gem Stones

I am not quite sure what this sandals are called, but it is full of gem stones that is why I prefer to call it as such. Well, my mom went to Cagayan de Oro City last week and brought with her this fabulous sandals. I love them so much because aside from the fact that it fits my feet perfectly, it matches with the bracelet and necklace that my mom gave me when she got home from Davao City. (I will have a different post with regards to the trinkets).

For 389 pesos, I already had a very glamorous sandal to pair with skirts and shorts. Thanks to my mom.