GT:Health Resolutions

Happy New Year my dear friends, okay I am sorry if I have not visited your blog sites last December, I have been so very busy with my life. I think, we all are. So, please, please forgive me and I will really make it up to you by visiting your entries and I will definitely leave a comment in there.

As for me, I have not made any New Year’s Resolutions yet, so having Girl’s Talk made me think of what I should and should not do for this year, 2011.

With regards to Health, I think I should eat more in order to gain weight:) but really, my mom knows I ate a lot and yet I don’t get fat so maybe I will just crash that one out. Maybe I should think of having a new hobby aside from reading a book or surfing the net, something that is healthy, like engaging myself into sports. Learning to play and really play badminton should be on top of my list. I should also get enough sleep in order to stay healthy.

How about you?

3 Responses to GT:Health Resolutions

  1. been a while, sorry, ur right, dec is just too busy for most people…will add this site too from my list, mwahhh

  2. aw, panu b mag-add d2 s wp girl, nangangamote pako dito, nyehehe, maybe u cud give some free tutorials:)))

  3. gaw, it runs in the blood! kargador ang kaon pero niwang gihapon! hahaha!

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