GT: Cheesy!

I know, I am late for GT. I am sorry. I was busy 🙂 but then again I just cannot let this week pass without making my entry for Girl’s Talk.

The most cheesy thing I did for love or for a love one or for a boy was when I send roses and chocolates to him with love letters. Well, I did that for FUN. We had this lad in our class which never had a  girlfriend in his high school days. He is so “torpe” but he keeps on teasing me in front of our professors. So when Valentine’s Day came, me and my girlfriends had planned of making fun of him by giving him flowers (a bouquet of roses, mind you) and chocolates with matching “I LOVE YOU” on the card. We did that on purpose and we even gave him the flowers when our professor is already inside the classroom. The whole classroom cannot get over it and we end up teasing him until the semester has ended.


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