GT:And I will DO everything for Love

When I read today’s topic for GT, the song “and I will do anything for love” keeps running in my mind. Although I am not a good singer, I can surely sing that song but I know it is out of tune.

Anyway, enough about the song, let me talk about the topic. Like Kaye, I cannot KILL for Love, but surely I will Fight for Love. Among other things, I will really try hard to learn how to cook for Love because I know that a good mother a good wife should cook for her family. I am willing to wait for Love, yes, as you can see, we have a very complicated relationship and even though both of our families accepts one another. So I am willing to wait for that.

Girl’s Talk has a new badge and I LURVE IT! What more can I say? KUDOS mommy Kaye 🙂


  1. patience is a virtue, girl. one is willing to risk everything for that lovely feeling:)

    tnx for the comment at my GT entry, girl. missed our chatting at FB:)

  2. ibang klase talaga love story nyo, pampelikula 😀

    well, sabi nga nila, love is patient, and if you’re willing to wait it out, good things await for you in the end.

    stay in love 🙂

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