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When Travelling….

When travelling it is important to keep your luggage light and small in order to have a happy and relaxing trip. The first time I went abroad I brought a lot of jeans or long pants because it is what’s in my wardrobe. But then again, I realized that I should have brought short pants or capri pants and dresses in order to make use of the space in my bag for more pasalubongs.

Aside from the benefits of more space, it would be less stressful if you have a light luggage/baggage especially if you are travelling alone in which nobody could help you carry your luggage.

I conquered Asia’s Longest Zipline

Your visit in Dahilayan Adventure Park will not be complete if you will not try the zipline that is considered as the longest one in Asia. When Gerry told me that before we go home to Bukidnon (because we were in Cagayan de Oro for a business trip), we will go to Dahilayan Adventure Park with his family, I was excited and happy because I had been wanting to be there and try the most talked about adventure park in the Philippines right now.
At first, I was hesitant and afraid because it sure looks scary but then again, I have changed my mind. So, I did it and I didn’t regret doing it.

GT: Cheesy!

I know, I am late for GT. I am sorry. I was busy 🙂 but then again I just cannot let this week pass without making my entry for Girl’s Talk.

The most cheesy thing I did for love or for a love one or for a boy was when I send roses and chocolates to him with love letters. Well, I did that for FUN. We had this lad in our class which never had a  girlfriend in his high school days. He is so “torpe” but he keeps on teasing me in front of our professors. So when Valentine’s Day came, me and my girlfriends had planned of making fun of him by giving him flowers (a bouquet of roses, mind you) and chocolates with matching “I LOVE YOU” on the card. We did that on purpose and we even gave him the flowers when our professor is already inside the classroom. The whole classroom cannot get over it and we end up teasing him until the semester has ended.

Ziplining at Dahilayan Adventure Park

Valentine’s Card

Valentines has just ended yesterday and all I can say is that I am happy and satisfied with my Valentine’s Day. When I was in high school, I prepare tons of Valentines Card for my school friends, my relatives, and people who are close to my heart. Some of the cards were hand crafted by me and some were bought, some of it was delivered by me and some were mailed to my recipients. And now that we are in the techy generations, I don’t send cards thru post office anymore but through internet. But I am still making them handmade and then I use document scanning software to send those beautiful cards to my love ones from different parts of the World.