Daily Archives: March 3, 2011

Road Travel must know

Traveling on wheels is fun, imagine yourself having to tour around different places without hesitating or where to stop and where to go and it is up to you to decide how many days will you stay on a certain place. If you have your own car, it would be easier to travel from your place to another but you should check your car if it is in good condition including the insurance. Checking the brakes, the oil, the tires and water level is just few of the things a good driver needs to know before traveling. If you don’t have the car insurance yet you can choose from so many insurance companies around and check the cheap car insurance available for you.

Aside from the things mentioned above, you should also prepare the things you needed to bring with you like car registration, car insurance, and spare tire and car tools to have a smooth and safe travel.

GT: I hate Nobody, Nobody but YOU

After the La-La-Love Month, March is here. And the topics for GT is all about the MUSIC! I love music, and I will always will. I am a dancer not a singer but still, I needed music to dance, right?

What I hated most about music? hmmm Let me think first because I almost love all kinds of music from Pop to Alternatives, Rock and Heavy Metal, Love songs and Hate songs.

Oh-Oh, I hated the song “Nobody, Nobody but You”. Why? Because it was sooo over-rated. It keeps on playing anywhere I go and it took months for people to stop singing it. We even had a Bisaya Version of it, a Tagalog version, even English version from Korean Version. And Bisaya version goes like this “Abi ko’g Babaye-Babaye, Bayot!” (Translation:I thought she’s a girl but she’s GAY).