Daily Archives: March 7, 2011

A Single Mother’s Quest

I am a single-mother; I raise my own son with my own income of the little business that I own. Every single day that comes is a battle for me and my son, not because we needed more, you see we had enough, but because people always asks too many questions that I myself don’t like to answer because it just brings the past that I have left behind. Sometimes it is too frustrating that some people are inclined to judge not only me but also my son, and they also tend to give me unsolicited advices that I do not need. Yes, we are a family of two, a mother and a son, but we are happy with our lives. And yes I cannot be a mother and a father at the same time to my son but I am trying to give him all my love and care in order to fill that big space in his life. I know that I am a good mother to my son and I am trying to be the BEST MOM for him. I cannot easily open up to every people that I met that are why it is becoming a burden to me. Having my friends by my side can help, but they are far away from me. There are spur of the moment decisions that I make and I get to regret that is why I needed the people close to me to help me weigh things, and tell me what are the pros and cons of such decisions that I will make. Me and my son needed people who understands us, not who will judge us. My son needed love and care from his surroundings, not a close-minded people who will just tell him that he is a product of a big mistake that I have made.

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