Is Photography For Me?

For people who are close to me, you probably know that I am planning to buy a DSLR. I have not gone to photography classes or sessions and have not taken up a course in photography for that matter. I am thinking of buying one in order to discover more about it, taking new horizons, going to the next level. I am a blogger and yes I needed a camera for there are things that I would love to share to my readers and viewers that needed a picture more than descriptions about the subject.

Yes, DSLRs are pretty heavy and they are expensive too, but some blogger friends and off-line friends that I have asked about it said that it is an investment that can help me through. In time I know, I can earn from it or if I don’t like it anymore, I could sell it again.

I have no idea what brand and kind of DSLR I would buy because I am still weighing the pros and cons of having one.
I just want to share with you a picture of a small flower I have taken using my point and shoot digicam, and maybe tell me if I need to pursue my career as a Photographer. (The flower is so small, so maybe it s under macro photography, what you think?)


  1. this is a very good shot! being able to capture a tiny stuff and make it as clear as this one is a skill. you definitely have one! point and shoot pa gani na, samot na ug DSLR. i must say if you can, yes– pursue that photography desire! πŸ™‚

    btw, gi-add na ta ka sa akong travelholics. paki-add pud ko ha? salamat daghan! πŸ™‚

    • Rcel, adto ko sa imong blog but it seems dili man ko maka add og comment sa imo posts. I think we have something in common when it comes to Nursing. hehe

  2. Di ka pa nakapagdecide sis?

    Checkout reviews on various DSLRs to help you decide. is a popular site that those wanting to buy cameras usually checkout. Syempre ako i would say go for a Nikon because that’s the brand I’m familiar with, but I don’t have anything against Canon. πŸ™‚

  3. If that is so small then it’s a painstaking effort to shot such subject with the use of PNS. If you have the kind of patience then there is no way that you should not pursue your plan. It would be a lot easier to do with DSLR.

    I would suggest you feel the grip of the cam first before buying one. I believe that some DSLR’s were designed to people with short fingers. There are pretty good entry level nowadays that ain’t expensive and not heavy as well. I always suggest looing into Cannon or Nikon. For the reason that I am much comfortable with its grip and navigating the features. But I am a Cannon enthusiast and user.

  4. In shooting flowers, it really is best to use the digital macro feature of a camera to get the highest quality of a photo. All of the photos taken from my blog “The Walking Tripod” were captured using Canon 80IS, just a simple point and shoot camera. I do love its flexibility plus it’s really handy. I can easily grab the camera and take shots faster than a dslr.

  5. I have come across that these days, more and more people are being attracted to video cameras and the field of taking pictures. However, being photographer, you must first devote so much time period deciding the model of digital camera to buy as well as moving store to store just so you could potentially buy the most inexpensive camera of the brand you have decided to choose. But it won’t end just there. You also have to contemplate whether you should buy a digital digital camera extended warranty. Thanks alot : ) for the good guidelines I received from your blog site.

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