Travel with Kids

When traveling with your child I suggest you bring these things:

  • Food – when I say FOOD, I don’t just mean biscuits and water but also rice and viand (fried chicken or something that is dry). Because children always ask for food and you don’t expect to find just any clean restaurant in every place that you have gone to. Bring mineral water too, it is quite expensive to buy just anywhere or stores near bus terminals.
  • Tissue Paper and Baby Wipes – you don’t know when the kids will spill something into their shirts o in the car seats. Always be ready with it, because sometimes kids tend to spill water, chocomilk or just anything they get their hands on unless its trophies they are holding on.
  • Extra clothing – not just for the kids but for you also. When you are on a vacation for 3 days, bring clothes that are enough for 5 days, because you don’t know when their stomach will act out and they will vomit on you.
  • Ointments and medicines – bring some for safety’s sake. We don’t know the weather when we travel and it is always safe to bring the necessary medicines for fever, cough and colds, and flu.
  • Umbrella and hats – whether its sunny or rainy, it is always safe to bring such ammunition against the changing weather.

You can add something here if you think I have lacking elements in my bag.

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