Clothes Swapping

My Readers Digest My Reader’s March Edition has finally arrived and I have learned the newest fashion trend that is happening in the world right now: Clothes Swapping. What is Clothes Swapping? As I have understood from the word itself, I know that you needed to swap your wardrobe for another one. It is another way to save our planet earth, you know why? Imagine just how many materials, labour and energy can be saved from making new clothes again. As for me, this is such a great idea and if we had it here in the Philippines I would be glad to join events where we can bring our stuffs, clothes, bags and shoes that we do not like anymore but can still be used or are in good condition so that we can swap it for things which we would love to try out.

Calling all mommies out there, are you willing to swap your clothes and your children’s for used clothes that are still in good condition? Why don’t we try this one out?

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