Monthly Archives: April 2011

Can’t Wait for a Summer Vacation

I have been busy making telephone calls to Crown Regency Hotel (Cebu) and Dao Diamond Bed and Breakfast (Bohol) for our vacation booking. I have already shared with you that I was able to buy a very good deal in the internet for a 3D/2N stay at Crown Regency Hotel with some freebies and I want to confirm my reservation and schedule there in order to avoid some problem when I get there. I also called Dao Diamond Bed and Breakfast hotel in Bohol because we will be there to have our Bohol Vacation too. I am expecting that these hotels will have plasma tvs because the kids love to watch cartoons before they sleep and having that kind of TV would definitely make them feel at home.

We can’t wait for our long awaited vacation and I am glad that finally we have bought our round trip tickets already so this vacation will really push through.

GT: I will Die for a DSLR

Last GT for the month of April and yes I am still making my blog entry, I don’t want to miss a topic here.

We are talking about gadgets, right? And so my choice for this week’s topic will be a Nikon D7000. Yes, as of the moment, I will die for a Nikon D7000 because I have been dying to own one for the longest time already. I own a point and shoot camera, a Canon IXUS 100 and I am satisfied with its performance. But now that I am becoming more of a photography buff , I realized I needed a DSLR. Pictures are memories. And I wanted to capture all the moments that are happening with my family and love ones. So please, let em own a DSLR.

*picture is taken from Gear Patrol*

Canon 500D

That is ME, but the camera is not MINE.

When we attended a reunion last April 17, 2011 I was able to use a Canon 500D camera.

While I was taking pictures I realized how good it is to have a DSLR camera. Though I am not good at taking pictures using it yet, I know when I have my own camera, I will eventually learn the how to’s and what nots in using a DSLR camera.

I am still thinking of buying one but I am on a tight budget right now so I will have to hold on to my dream of owning one until such time that I can afford to buy one.