Stewardess Wanna Be

When I was in high school I thought of enrolling myself to a college course that would land me a job of being a flight stewardess or something like in online business degrees. And why would I want to be a flight stewardess? Because I enjoyed watching those pretty ladies in their glamorous uniform and high heels while bringing their trolley bag along. I am not that tall but I am 5’5’’, I am not good in speaking fluent English but I think I can manage and practice to make it perfect, and the only thing that holds me back is that I do not know how to swim.

Being a flight stewardess can be a fulfilling job aside from the perks and privileges of being one, I can go to different places for FREE, as long as the plane I am riding has a flight for that place. Isn’t it great, traveling the world to be paid for a hefty sum? I also thought of trying to enroll in an online business degrees , now that they are becoming a fad because I know that it would be easy for me to have and manage my own business.

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