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I know, I am late for GT and I am sorry. I am so busy with my personal life and so, I wasn’t able to write my entry for GT last Thursday but Kaye knows me, I wont allow myself to miss any GT so here I am posting my entry for this week’s topic: “The Star I would die for”.

I was supposed to make an entry about Angelina Jolie, I love her so much from the time I have learned to watch Hollywood movies. But when I went to Beauty Queen Gene, I changed my mind because Kaye have already shared why Angelina would be the perfect celebrity to die for. So I go for my well-loved local celebrity, Anne Curtis.

I have seen Magic Kingdom over and over again when I was in grade school and believe me, I hate her. Why? She is so pretty, she acts well, but she doesn’t talk. I mean, she has I think two or three lines only (Tagalog) because she doesn’t know how to speak Tagalog fluently (this is just my presumption). But then again, the movie was a big hit. I learned to love her in Hiram, Kampanerang Kuba, Maging Sino Ka Man and Dyosa. I even bought an all original DVDs of Maging Sino Ka man in Odyssey just so I won’t miss any of the teleserye’s episodes. I grew up with Anne, she is 5 months older than me but she has reach the stardom at an early age. I admire her not only because she is a great actress, or the best VJ, but because she knows how to bring herself.

I haven’t met her yet and I have not even seen her in real life but I like her.



  1. Being overseas, we only get to see local actors when there are teleserye DVDs we can borrow. My hubby and I really enjoyed Maging Sino Ka Man. It is very rare for me because I don’t usually watch Tagalog teleserye (I feel they are just too long).
    Anyway, I watched the first instalment of Maging Sino Ka Man and watched the second one right up until her character died. Then I stopped watching, LOL!

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