JB’s 4th Birthday

Today is my son’s 4th Birthday. We have no plans; we just spend the day together with our love ones. We went to the city, we eat and dine in the fine restaurants, we bought something memorable, and we let him be. We didn’t have a house celebration because this week is Holy Week and though we don’t fast, we don’t feel like celebrating so we just moved the birthday celebration on the coming Easter Sunday.

As for today, we bought the foods we needed to prepare for the coming Sunday. And because it is a children’s pool party, we bought toys and loot bags for the kids, some balloons and party hats, piñata and other kid’s stuff. We didn’t include hair loss treatment in the list because it is for grownups, right? This is a kid’s thing. We are ready for the upcoming Easter Sunday and we will party like no other minus the Eggs.

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