Monthly Archives: April 2011

Bohol Again this May

This coming May 7, 2011 one of my cousin will get married. So I will go to Bohol for their wedding. Yes, Marco and Donna’s wedding will be held in Dauis, Bohol and I will be there to witness it. Again, as a bridesmaid (it is always my role).

The last time I went to Bohol was 2 years ago when I visited my grandmother and let my son met him for the first time. And now, I will bring along my son again to visit his great-grandmother for the second time around. I can still remember our vacation two years ago, my son has to take bath four times every day because it was too hot, and we surely don’t need an infrared heater
for that matter. Summer is indeed a very hot time in islands like Bohol compared to our hometown in which we have so many trees and we are far away from beaches. And now that I will bring my son along with me again, I need to prepare his clothes which are suited for a hot place like Bohol like sleeveless shirts and shorts to make him feel comfortable.

I can’t wait for the upcoming wedding and vacation in Bohol this coming May.

Jb’s birthday gifts

Yesterday was Jb’s 4th Birthday and I can’t stop talking all about it. The children’s party will be held on Easter Sunday but we also prepare a little “salu-salo” here in the house for the whole family.

Jb received many gifts yesterday, a transformer (from robot to car and vice versa) toy, money from a blogger friend of mine, and a lot of toys from me ( I am his mom, remember?). Though Jb haven’t received baseball gifts, he is too small for those things yet, I am planning of buying one 6 from now I guess. Instead Jb enjoys his basketball ring and balls.

GT:Clothes to Die For

This week’s topic is CLOTHING to DIE FOR. And I would die for a Burberry Pink Trench Coat. I know I cannot afford one and I know I won’t be able to wear one unless I won the Philippine Sweepstakes today. The first time I saw trench and winter coats in movies and music videos by popular singers, I fell in love with it. I haven’t seen people here in the Philippines wearing WINTER COAT because maybe we don’t have Winter Season here but I hope someday I will be able to play with snow wearing a pink trench coat that looks like this: