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Taoist Temple

Because we are in Cebu,we do not want to miss the famous Taoist Temple in Cebu so we headed there after eating our lunch at Ayala. It was far but it was worth it. The temple was said to be built in 1972 and is one of the famous tourist spots in Cebu.

These are the pictures I have taken while we were at the place:

The World’s First Edge Coaster

I SURVIVED. Yes, when we went to Cebu last week for our long-awaited vacation, we ride the world’s first Edge Coaster ride at Crown Regency. I do not want to miss it for the world so I put all my hesitations in a bag and throw it away, stand up and went straight to the edge coaster. Though the weather is not fine and it was raining so hard before we went up, we still did it. At first I was hesitant to try it because I have seen that they do not have laminate flooring and it got me scared.

I have to scan the pictures that we have when we were riding the edge coaster so I can upload it here. Cameras are not allowed inside you know and it makes me sad. So, I need to be contented with the picture above I guess.


We went to Cebu last week and we had a blast. For those who have read my posts earlier this May, you probably know that I have bought a package in for a 3D/2N stay at Crown Regency Hotel.

We did enjoy our time together and we have so much FUN. As for now, I want to share with you about the pictures below. This is located in Cebu, and they call the place TOPS. Why? Because it is located at the top of the mountain and overlooking the city. Aside from that, you can make your wish when you ring the bell. There is an instruction beside the bell.

A Traveler’s Need: Samsung Dual Lcd Camera

Because I am an online contest addict, travel blogger, and camera whore all rolled into one, I would not let this opportunity of owning a very perfect and suitable camera for free (if I won the contest that is). You see, as I was browsing my friends blogs, I have found out that Samsung has launched ST700, PL170, and PL120 and is currently having an online contest in Facebook. So how can I turn that down? Before I share to you the mechanics I want to share to you why would I love to own any one of these dine new discoveries of Samsung. See the video below first then I will enumerate my reasons for wanting to own one.

You see, I am sick of taking pictures of myself using my long hands which only captures my own face and sometimes I even miss my lips. So having this camera would definitely be a totally different story because it has two LCDs and I will definitely see myself on the other LCD while taking my picture. Aside from that, I am not good at taking JUMP SHOTS because I do not own a DSLR camera which could make my life easier.

Aside from that, there is another feature that I really love about this various Samsung cameras with dual LCD. There is a child mode feature which allows the parents or the one who is taking a picture show an animation or set of cartoon characters to entertain children and capture their smiling and happy moments while they are enjoying their time. Why would I appreciate an innovation like this one? Because I am a mother and I know how hard it is to capture a smiling moment of my son because most of the time he must not be forced to smile in front of the camera.

A travel blogger needs a camera to capture the moment of his or her travel life. Blogging with pictures is a totally different story from just blogging and writing stuffs. Having pictures would entice the readers and blog visitor’s to really read the article or blog post and maybe visit the place if they have the time because they have seen the hidden beauty of such places.

And now for the juicy part of all, these are the mechanics of the contest going on in Samsung Cameras PH Facebook Fan page:

1. Like and Share the Samsung Camera fan page to your friends.

2. Type “Win Samsung 2View Cameras by liking and sharing @Samsung Cameras PH” in your status message box. Don’t forget to tag the Samsung Camera fan page!

3. All tagged entries will be raffled off, where two (2) lucky fans get a chance to win a Samsung 2View Camera – (ST500)!

Promo Period: May 15, 2011 – May 30, 2011

I hope I am not too late to join the contest and I am crossing my fingers to be one of the lucky winners. How about you? Don’t you want to own one Samsung dual LCD camera for FREE? What are you waiting for? Check their page out and join the FUN!!

Marimar singing Listen while dancing

We are having our vacation here in Bohol and of course I want my family to tour around Bohol in order to not to be a foreigner in my mother’s own home town. And one thing I also cannot forget is this talented person I met in Bohol named Marimar. He is definitely awesome. He speaks a lot about Prony, the Bohol Python, and he also tells a story about his life every now and then. But what makes me remember our visit was when he had his show. Yes, he sings just one song entitled Listen. It was just lip sync and they have edited the song, they have put some animal’s voices, and yes I was shocked and I was laughing so hard.

He was singing the best part then suddenly he went under the table and bark like a dog, then he was singing again and then he imitated the voice of a cat while he was acting like hugging a male audience. You will really be entertained and the part that I love the most was this one, wherein he was hanging and I thought the roof would fall down but I guess he was not that heavy maybe because he was usplabs oxyelite pro to maintain his body mass.
This place in Bohol is a must visit site, aside from the Python itself, you will enjoy watching Marimar.