JB’s Eco-Bag

I have shared a story about loot bags for the Moms in my ZoWanderer blog site the other day but I also want to share another story here in my Stylish Voyager site for those who are my usual visitors here.

This is the Eco-bags I have distributed to our party guests last April 24, 2011 when Jb celebrated his birthday party at Tata Tony’s pool. I was awakened by Mommy Peh’s advocacy that is “STOP using PLASTIC Bag for the SAKE of the WORLD” (okay, this phrase was created by me). But then again, my eyes were opened when Mommy Peh gave me Sati’s Eco Bag and when she shared her stories about how Ondoy devastated Mother Earth especially here in the Philippines.

I want to go back to the time where there are no plastic bags yet when baskets were used by people who go to the market and buy the food for the family. But then again, baskets are not so trendy to use now that we are in the generation x, right? So Eco bags are the next big thing in order to help save the earth.


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