Bohol Trip 2011

I am back. Yes, my dear readers, sorry for leaving you with nothing to read, as you see, I do not make schedule posts. I make a blog post as I write it, like now. Well, I just got home from my Bohol trip in which I have attended a wedding of one of my cousin.

We board a ship when we went to Bohol and took a day trip last week, May 5 at 7 am and we arrived in Bohol at 12 noon. Some of my aunts are scared of boarding a ship especially now that storms just appear out of nowhere and maybe this is the reason why many insurance companies are now selling insurances beside the terminal fee booths. But as for me, I have been traveling the seas even when I was still in my mother’s womb so I am not afraid of storms and the likes.

The ships that travel from Cagayan de Oro to Bohol now are so fast compared to the ships we had when I was younger. Back then, we needed to board the ship at 7 pm and arrive in Bohol at 6 am the next day but now the traveling period is just 5 hours. I guess this is what you get when brilliant minds collide and invents big machines to help humans make the travelling hours faster than before.

This is just a pre-blog post entry before my next blog entries for my Bohol visit last week.

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