GT: Perfect Summer Outfit

It’s Thursday once more and again I do not want to MISS Girl’s Talk so I am here, in front of my laptop, making my entry for this week’s topic which is all about our fave summer outfit.

This picture was taken last Monday, May 9, 2011 at Sagbayan Peak, Bohol. As you can see I am comfortable wearing a t-shirt paired with shorts. So, yes, that is my fave summer outfit and it is perfect for the summer heat.

But when we talk about pools and beaches, I am most comfortable wearing swimsuits now compared when I was younger. I mean, hey, if you have it, flaunt it, right? So I am not ashamed anymore when I wear 2 piece suits when we go swimming to enjoy summer.

19 Responses to GT: Perfect Summer Outfit

  1. oh lala ang sexy mo teh!!!! grabeeeee. flaunt it tlga girl

  2. go lang sis! flaunt it!!

    please see my GT entry! thanks!

  3. i don’t have it.. bwahahahah… wow sexy mu naman joan.. sayang di tayo nagkita .. kasi baha… hahaha.. was here for gt.

  4. Ay tama ka jan, when you have it flaunt, i love the swimming attire yay but I can’t wear one, got this bulging tummy ouch!

  5. wow, you really look great. ingit ako,super taba na ako. hu hu hu

  6. WOW! You’re oozing with sexiness, Joan! Incredibly beautiful! I simply love it when girls have the guts to show off what they’ve got. That’s girl power at its best! My first time here BTW.

    My first GT entry is up and running now too:

  7. wow! nice swimsuit…you look’s my GT post

  8. You look great in that two piece. enjoy the summer

  9. WItwew! You look so hott! I so love it when girls flaunt what they have. That’s definitely girl power at its best,

    Mine is up here:

  10. Oohlala!!You’re so sexy!Inggit ako talaga!

  11. buti ka pa girl carry mo ang mag-two piece!

  12. ohh laban ka!? the best outfit nga ito. grabe todo na to sis…witwiw!:-)

  13. Nice, sexy ha! Carry na carry ang two piece, pag nag suot ako ng ganyan magtatakbuhan silang lahat papalayo nyahahah! 🙂

  14. sexy 🙂 d ko na carry magsuot ng ganyan 🙁

  15. Ganda! Sexy! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting me for this week’s GT sis.

  16. WOW! you are HOT, girl! lol!

  17. Woot! Sexy naman. 🙂

  18. I’m so jealous! Summer’s almost over at di man lang ako nakapag-swimsuit, kakatapos lang ng classes ko.

  19. i wish i have the boobs. LOL. can’t wear a two piece because of that. malalaglag ung itaas. bwahaha! tekti mo teh!

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