Marimar singing Listen while dancing

We are having our vacation here in Bohol and of course I want my family to tour around Bohol in order to not to be a foreigner in my mother’s own home town. And one thing I also cannot forget is this talented person I met in Bohol named Marimar. He is definitely awesome. He speaks a lot about Prony, the Bohol Python, and he also tells a story about his life every now and then. But what makes me remember our visit was when he had his show. Yes, he sings just one song entitled Listen. It was just lip sync and they have edited the song, they have put some animal’s voices, and yes I was shocked and I was laughing so hard.

He was singing the best part then suddenly he went under the table and bark like a dog, then he was singing again and then he imitated the voice of a cat while he was acting like hugging a male audience. You will really be entertained and the part that I love the most was this one, wherein he was hanging and I thought the roof would fall down but I guess he was not that heavy maybe because he was usplabs oxyelite pro to maintain his body mass.
This place in Bohol is a must visit site, aside from the Python itself, you will enjoy watching Marimar.

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