Taoist Temple

Because we are in Cebu,we do not want to miss the famous Taoist Temple in Cebu so we headed there after eating our lunch at Ayala. It was far but it was worth it. The temple was said to be built in 1972 and is one of the famous tourist spots in Cebu.

These are the pictures I have taken while we were at the place:

3 Responses to Taoist Temple

  1. ooh, this is really nice. i have seen a chinese temple too when i was a kid , i remember that we went there to get “rasyon” of foods ,

  2. certainly will add in my places to visit. newest follower, hope you visit us sometime

  3. I was able to visit this place when I went to Cebu, it’s nice. But they do not allow picture taking using the temple as background.

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