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Backpack – Genova Brand

When I was young, I never used girl bags, instead I am into backpacks. And now that I am a bit older, I seem to fancy trendy ladies bags but i still could not take off my eyes from backpacks.

This one right here is another one of my hauls from the Ukay-Ukay shop. It costs me around $5 again because it is sold for 200php. I like this one because it fits perfectly for my son, JB, and he would love to put all his important belongings in it, like his PSP, PSP UMDs, and his color pens.

I didn’t know that brand new Genova backpacks costs a lot of money until I searched it in Google. Oh Boy, this is indeed a great find for me.

Bags from UK

And you thought, that these bags really came from UK? Nope, they are not. These are my latest haul from ukay-ukay (2nd hand bags from abroad).

This one right here has a tag that says L’oreal Paris. I thought this brand is for hair and make up only. 🙂 Nonetheless, I still bought the bag because the tiger skin looks amazingly cute.

And pink one right here, looks new and the brand says it is “ESET New York”. I do not know how much does a brand new one bag like this costs but I got this one for only 200php, more or less $5. I tried to search Mr. Google about ESET bags but it re-directed me to my blog, LOL, so instead I tried to research what stadiometer is all about and how it works.

Virgin Island in Panglao

After my cousin’s wedding, we woke up early on the next day in order to visit Balicasag Island in Panglao, Bohol in order to go dolphin watching. But sad to say, even though we woke up as early as 4 am in order to see the dolphins, nature is against us. The waves won’t allow us and so we just ate our breakfast by the beach and decided to go home afterwards.

But after eating, the boatman told us that we could go to a certain Virgin Island in Panglao because the waves are not that strong anymore and he knows another way to visit the island. Our aunts decided that we should go and see the island because we are there already and it will be fun for sure.

It was indeed a very beautiful island with white sand and some coconut trees. There are vendors who sell sea urchins for 20php and because my nieces and nephews have not tasted a sea urchin before, they have bought 2 and said it tasted good.

It was not a waste of time after all. If you happen to visit Bohol, do not forget to visit Panglao Island and go Island Hopping.

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #12

I am posting my welcome post for WBFC here in my fashion and travel blog in order for my blogging friends to visit this site too.

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.
For this week’s WBFC, it is all gonna be about TWITTER. I have a story to share about my experience 2 years ago when I went to Kuala Lumpur for the Youth Engagement Summit that was held in Putrajaya International Convention Center. You see one of our speakers back then was Biz Stone, in case you do not know him, you might want to search Google who he is and after doing so, please follow him on Twitter (I do not work for him, but I like him teehee).

My twitter account is here:

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Fashion Sense

I have no fashion sense when I was younger because my mom is the one who bought my dresses, jeans and shoes. Everything is chosen by her and I have no choice but to wear them. But I know that I looked good wearing those clothes because my mother has a fashion sense.

Many celebrities nowadays have created their own clothing business by creating their clothing lines. A very good example is Beyonce Knowles. I have come to know Beyonce when I was still in high school or college when Destiny’s Child was so famous and my mom fell in love with their music. But I just come to realized lately that Beyonce, together with her mom Tina, has created their own clothing line called Dereon. What a nice Mother and Daughter tandem.

Now that I am a bit older than before, and now that I earn my own money, I can buy whatever I like and I can wear whatever I want as long as my approves it though (I love my mom dearly and I would not like it if she will hate me because I didn’t ask her permission first). Being fashionable doesn’t mean that we need to spend too much money on clothes and accessories just to look trendy and in style, we can be chic and stylish at affordable clothing and accessories, and it all depends on how we wear them.