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I wasn’t able to keep my promise. I miss some GT topics last May simply because I am so busy with my family vacation in Cebu and Bohol. But right now, I do not want to miss GT especially that we are walking down memory lane. As much as I want to upload some photos of my favorite teachers, I can’t. Why? Because my scanner gave up on me (note:ANTS make it their new home). So , maybe I will just try to describe them as much as I can.

I am always a teacher’s pet. Yeah, I am always the teacher’s pet , they love me because I am adorable and I am cute and I am always on top aside from the fact that I always follow their instructions and do whatever they want.

I cannot forget my pre-school teacher, Teacher Indang which is my son’s pre-school teacher now. I am one of her first student, so she was so young back then, fresh from vocational school and now she is not too old to teach my son yet. She is the best teacher for pre-schoolers in town and I trust her.

During my grade school days, I cannot forget my English teacher, Ma’am Caraecle, who happens to be my pre-school teacher’s sister (it runs in the blood, you know). She is so good in English, she taught me how to speak and write the English language correctly and fluently. I even learned how to declaim and orate through her and I appreciate her for teaching me those talents.  Another teacher in grade school that I cannot forget is my grade six adviser, Ma’am Fix (Fe Filipino is her name) who brought me whenever there are Math Olympiads and taught me well in solving math problems.

During my high school days, I fell in love with all of my advisers. And I cannot forget some of my subject teachers like : Ma’am Angelie, a JVP and my English teacher; Sister Gloria, a DC nun and my Values Education teacher who speaks a lot of chugodug-chugodug(heartbeat); Ma’am Belle, a new teacher and taught me about Biology; Ma’am Olga, my 3rd year adviser and taught me what Chemistry is all about.

College was fun and I cannot forget my singer teacher who loves Jazz and composes his songs together with his band, Mr. Salon who is good in Financial Accounting. I also cannot forget Ma’am Maravilla who flunked most of us in her subject, Advanced Accounting, but I got to learn a lot from her and her subject. And also my favorite teacher in Economics, Mrs. Obedencio, who is very fashionable in every school day that we met,wearing big and colorful fashion jewelries and colorful outfits too.

Ohh my, I have so many favorite teachers I guess.. This is a very long post. LOL


  1. wow you know all their names! my daycare teacher was also the teacher of all my sisters in daycare, as well as some of my younger cousins. it’s amazing how some teachers are so dedicated to their calling ^^

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