I was in Eiffel Tower, Paris

If you thought, this was in Paris, no, this is not taken in Eiffel Tower, Paris and this is not an edited picture too. I had this picture taken at Windows of the World, Shenzen China last May 2010. Visiting different Asian countries had consumed my time last year; I have been to Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong, Macau and China. But I only had this travel blog late last year so I wasn’t able to post all about my vacations and travels, I would love to share it to my readers and maybe give them an idea of what to expect, what to see and what to do in those different Asian Countries. It is so hard if you do not know where to go when you are there just like asking yourself of how does a title loan work because it is also hard to understand it if you don’t know what it is all about. From the time I have been to different places in my country, I realize I really need to research about the place in order to have the best places and to taste the specialty foods in that place.

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