GT: Fave Subjects

There are two subjects which I love the most and these are English/Literature and Math/Accounting. During my elementary and high school days, I always get a perfect score in my Math subjects and I am always chosen as a participant in every Math Olympiad or Quiz Bowls. Though I am not that good in English during those days, I love that subject because of the Roman and Greek Mythology included in that subject.

When I went to College, I get to have subjects for Literature and having that subject makes me feel at home with the Gods. I love Zeus and Athena, Hercules and Aphrodite. I love the gods and the goddesses. I am an accounting major and though I have failed one subject during my College years, I still love the subject so well. Cost accounting and Financial accounting makes me feel alive. Solving problems are my forte I guess.

I can still remember one of my accounting teacher’s advice to us, “Kids, you should be good in English in order to pass the CPA board exam, because sometimes, you need to really understand the question in order to analyze it”. Funny but he is definitely right, I guess.


  1. I’ve always thought that people who like both Math and English are few and far in between. Pero this week in GT 3 na kayo may favorite sa both subjects na yan. galing ng girls natin. hehe

    onga sabi din dun sa unang college na inapply-an ko. kasi sabi nya magaccounting daw ako. sabi ko ayaw ko kasi numbers. sabi nya mas kelangan daw magaling sa english dun kesa sa numbers dahil puro analysis. hihihi

  2. Not much into English here, but more into Math. It’s definitely best that you could understand the problem first before solving it (kahit sa life ganon din naman) 🙂 Visiting from GT here. 🙂 Hope you could find time to visit mine. ^_^

  3. We are so alike! I am an accountant, who loves to play with numbers and words. Hence, I also love English. Although I am most probably a writer hiding in the dark. But I’ve chosen the accounting profession for now.

  4. tnx sa GT drop, girl. agree ako jan, favorite ko ang cost at financial acctng sk taxation, weee:)
    when college aspirants would ask me mhrap ba ang accounting, sb ko hindi nman totally math ang acctng, basic math & analysis ang kelangan.

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