Daily Archives: June 14, 2011

Tuesday Travels – My Dream Destination

Today marks a beautiful day in my traveling life, why? Finally, I will join a MEME that is all about traveling and which has also started today. This meme is hosted by Janet, the author of Travel Diva.

My Dream Destination is no other than Paris. Who wouldn’t want to spend a honeymoon, a one week vacation, in Paris? Who? Because if there is someone who would not like to have a vacation in Paris, he/she must be crazy. I have been to different Asian Countries and I can say that each country has its own beauty and grandeur to boast. And even though I have visited China, and seen their miniature Eiffel Tower, I still want to see the beauty of the real one. Aside from the famous Eiffel Tower, I also want to visit the Louvre Museum, I have heard about it or read about it somewhere before Robert Langdon became famous and visited it to solve a mystery.

Be it my honeymoon, my one week escapade, an all-expense paid or not, someday, I will come and visit the place I have been longing for, Paris wait for me!