Tuesday Travels: My Favorite Hangout

Today is Tuesday again and I would love to do my share for Tuesday Travels. Topic for today is all about my favorite hangout. If I am in College this question would be so easy to answer because there are only two places where I always stay, Dunkin Donuts-Divisoria and XU Library. But now my favorite hangout is my little office and my son’s school.

Everyday I have to wake up early for my son’s classes which starts at 8:00 am to 10:00 am. My son still has no yaya that is why I am the one who goes to school with him. I spend my 2 hours everyday in my son’s school and I am fine with it. After school, I spend my whole day in my office, working on some papers and auditing while checking all the remittances for last day’s sales.

But every week I go to the city to do some business with the bank and some business associates. My favorite hangout would be Greenwich. I love Pizza and the table are so big, so I can eat while checking my emails and blog sites.



  1. Hi, sangay.. 🙂 …i used to hang out in dunkin donuts divisoria, too.. hehehe.. 🙂 but daghan naman tambayanan ron so naichapwera na ang DD.. 🙂

    visiting thru TT.. 🙂 ivisit pud ko ha? .. thanks.. 🙂

  2. I wish i had the chance to bring my kid to school and wait up for her and him. Am a very poor mommy on that part. Lakwatsera kc ang nanay nila eh. But for important reasons naman ^^

    I love Greenwich but my fave is the rice toppings 🙂

    My enty is now up, sis!

  3. Wow, I do that a lot – waiting at the lobby with laptop on hand – I wait for an hour kasi, my daughter comes an hour later than my son- 🙁 I miss Greenwich!!!

    • karelate jud ko anang Dunkin Donuts na fave spot kay sa akoa panahon, diha mi halos gapuyo— labi na ug naay exam, bwahahaha.. mutil-ab na jud mi ug donut and bunwich..

  4. wow. that is so touching. at least when you hang around your son’s school it won’t be that boring for you. and yes, i do miss greenwich. 🙁

    thanks for joining last week’s tuesday travels. next week’s theme is your fave beach destination. in case you wanna know ahead. 😀

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