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GT: Class Picture

I really, really, really, want to post my class pictures here but I can’t. Why? Well, my two scanners are so dead and I don’t know if it can be fixed. I have so many class pictures when I was in Elementary and High School. I will try to find some College class pictures in my Facebook account in order to share at least one.

First Stop: Blood Compact

My mom is a Boholana that is why I am very familiar with Bohol, I have been to Bohol for a countless times already and I love to visit it every year. Just last May, I have visited Bohol twice, first I was there to attend my cousin’s wedding and just before the month of May ends, I went back together with my loved-ones to visit it and the different tourist spots in Bohol.
First Stop: Blood Compact.

There is no entrance fee for tourists and locals who visit this place. The view is so beautiful, aside from taking your pictures together with the statues; a beautiful view of the beach can also be seen. There is a viewing deck facing the beach. There are many vendors selling gift items for cheap prices. So if you want to buy gifts (“pasalubong”) for your loved ones, better buy here for they sell it at much cheaper price that in other tourist spots.

Afraid of Meniscus Tear

I used to play softball when I was in high school and college, though I am generally not an athlete, I do play during PE and during free times. Just recently I have read about meniscus tear and how it can happen and how it should be treated. As a person who loves to travel, I am really afraid if ever I will experience a meniscus tear but I am glad that there are knee braces for meniscus tears that can help prevent injuries after your knee suffers from a meniscus tear.

If I can avoid experiencing a meniscus tear, I will. But if I can’t then perhaps I’ll apply the alternative.

Tuesday Travels: Bukidnon, my home

Tuesday is once again here and of course I cannot miss the opportunity of writing my entry for Tuesday Travels. The topic for today is your home right now, where you are. And right now, I am in the Philippines, somewhere in Mindanao, actually I am in the heart of the Mindanao.

There are so many places in the Philippines which are beautiful, well developed, have great employment and business opportunities and have a better internet connection(sad face). But then again, I prefer to be here in my hometown, in my birthplace, in Bukidnon.

There are no big malls, tourist spots or even a wifi hotspot here in my place but I am happy and contented. If ever I have visitors, I couldn’t even let them eat in a fine restaurant simply because we don’t have one in our hometown, what I could offer is a cooked meal by my mother. I cannot also let them go window shopping for the fact that we don’t have big malls or small ones but I can bring them to mountains that are overlooking my hometown, and I could let them go fishing in my father’s fishpond near his rice field. There are so many things that people who are living in the city will miss when they are here but there are also things they could here that they could not possibly do in the city.

My hometown is not that remarkable but we are happy and contented living in this hometown that I could not afford to leave it even if there are disability appeal in my place which are or are not approved, I still want to be here. I was born here and I will die here.

This is my share for today’s Tuesday Travels.

Go Karting in Mabolo

Before we left Cebu last May 24, 2011, we went to Mabolo with my cousin Daryl and we had fun Go Karting. It was my first time to try this one out. We had a lecture, about 30 minutes or so, before we are allowed to go inside the racing area. Kids are allowed to Go Kart as long as they can reach the accelerator and brakes and as long as they can manage to drive the wheel. But for those who can’t and wants to ride, there are karts where in a person could another passenger. And this is what we chose for JB to enjoy the ride.