Daily Archives: July 1, 2011

Cebu at a Glance

When we visited Cebu last May, we were able to visit my Mother’s aunt whom we call Lola Ynez. I can still remember the time when I was young and though I am not her direct “Apo” because she is just a sister of my Grandma, she still shows me her love and care as she does with her other “apos”. My second-degree cousin Daryl is staying with her with a caregiver and when I went to Daryl’s bed room I saw his old monitors and his selling it.

I enjoyed my visit together with my Grandma Ynez we went to Tita Helen’s house which is overlooking Cebu City. We even had our picture taken for proof.

Pink Fridays #1 – Pink Strap


I want to JOIN Pink Fridays for so long already but I just could not find the time to do so. I want to share with you this new Havaianas slipper I got from Spruce. The sole is purple but the strap is PINK. So I think this could be a good choice to share for Pink Fridays. I love my new slippers and it goes along well with my purple dresses and t-shirts as well as with my pink ones.