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Tips on buying a Home

There are so many tips and tricks in buying a home or selling them. I have not tried buying my own home but I have helped some people who are close to me, chose their home from among the many choices we had in our life right now. I have a friend who needed a rest house somewhere in the province and I was able to ask some of my colleagues if they got one for her. Luckily, there are so many choices. One choice was a rest house which is far from the noises of the streets and yet it is accessible by cars. Another one is a home near the town but still there are no neighbouring houses which can distract my friend during their vacation.

How you choose your house depends on your needs. There are people who want their houses to be near their office or work place as to avoid getting late to work. There are also people who want to have peace during night time that is why they want to avoid living near the national road or highways because it can disrupt their sleeping time. There are so many available choices nowadays and you can even check out Kansas City homes for sale if you are living near this area. Your choice for a home might be on the homes listed for sale.

The best thing to remember I think when you are planning to buy your own home is that you should make a list of what you really want in your home and where does it need to be for you to be comfortable in your way of life.

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Confessions of a Shopaholic, a must-read

I have shared in my Facebook account that I have bought the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” book in Book Sale for only 90php (more or less $2.50). It is a second-hand book yet it is not worn out, it looks like brand new. After reading the first novel by Sophie Kinsella I just couldn’t help myself in not buying all her other novels. I tried to search online because I know there are so many things sold online, there are even Furniture sale online which is very helpful for most home owners. Almost all things now are sold online, from e-books to hardbound books, from tablets to high end MacBook’s, from simple coffee tables to furniture and cabinets, everything is sold online nowadays and it is a great help.

Though I wanted to share my thoughts about the book in my other blog, I want to share it here because the book is all about shopping and being fashionable and being a shopaholic. Becky Bloomwood is definitely a heroine of the modern times and “Confessions of a Shopaholic” is a must read. There are so many ideas, one person can learn from it. I have learned so much from what I should be wearing to every occasion I need to attend to, to how to help myself from not shopping too much.

GT: Wierd Word

I missed GT last week, thanks to my ISP that cannot be relied on. Now, I just don’t want to MISS GT again so I am here using my mobile broadband and thinking for that funniest or wierdiest word.

Hmmm let me think, I was thinking of words when my son JB was just starting to learn how to speak. The funniest word back then was “Am-Am”. When JB is hungry we know that he wants to eat something or drink his milk because he keeps on saying “Am-Am”.