GT: Wierd Word

I missed GT last week, thanks to my ISP that cannot be relied on. Now, I just don’t want to MISS GT again so I am here using my mobile broadband and thinking for that funniest or wierdiest word.

Hmmm let me think, I was thinking of words when my son JB was just starting to learn how to speak. The funniest word back then was “Am-Am”. When JB is hungry we know that he wants to eat something or drink his milk because he keeps on saying “Am-Am”.

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  1. wow, I’ve learned new words today for “eat”…mamati and am-am. 🙂

  2. ah.. the earliest phrases kids learn when they want to say they want to eat.
    visiting for GT! 🙂

  3. same with my nephew…am am or nam nam…:-)

  4. hehe kids version of nom nom nom 😀 cute!

  5. LOL my eldest daughter does this before, hehehe nostalgic mode here, hope you can visit me back thanks

  6. hi! followed u here… hope u can follow me back…

    we’ve got the same template… luv it… =)

  7. for sure we’ve used this word before too when we were babies.. so cute!

  8. Am-am is so common for Visayans. Mao pud na permi naku madungog sa akoang mga oldr sisters when they baby-talk their kids.

    Visiting late for GT with A WORD THAT TRIZ FINDS TO BE REALLY WEIRD. Can you guess what that word is? Come and visit my post then! 😉 Thanks!

  9. i can’t remember which one of my younger cousins called eating “am-am”, but i’m pretty sure one of them did. hehe.

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