Tips on buying a Home

There are so many tips and tricks in buying a home or selling them. I have not tried buying my own home but I have helped some people who are close to me, chose their home from among the many choices we had in our life right now. I have a friend who needed a rest house somewhere in the province and I was able to ask some of my colleagues if they got one for her. Luckily, there are so many choices. One choice was a rest house which is far from the noises of the streets and yet it is accessible by cars. Another one is a home near the town but still there are no neighbouring houses which can distract my friend during their vacation.

How you choose your house depends on your needs. There are people who want their houses to be near their office or work place as to avoid getting late to work. There are also people who want to have peace during night time that is why they want to avoid living near the national road or highways because it can disrupt their sleeping time. There are so many available choices nowadays and you can even check out Kansas City homes for sale if you are living near this area. Your choice for a home might be on the homes listed for sale.

The best thing to remember I think when you are planning to buy your own home is that you should make a list of what you really want in your home and where does it need to be for you to be comfortable in your way of life.

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12 Responses to Tips on buying a Home

  1. i agree with you. making a list of what you want in a home will make house-buying less tedious and will put all your options in perspective. great write up. thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. my first consideration is always the location. should be near everything important like schools, groceries, place of work and transportation. knowing what you want and your budget would definitely save you time in choosing a perfect home=)

  3. Relocating is not easy as is finding a home or apartment 🙁 so many things to consider and thanks for pointing them out.

  4. I agree to avoid living near the national road or highways. It was a bad chi in feng shui as I have learned from my research.

  5. thanks for this tips… it will help specially we are planning to buy one:)

  6. I want to buy a lot first then I would be the one designing our house

  7. When we bought our first home, we also made it a point to scout for financing options. We ended up loaning our home from Pag-IBIG.

  8. yes buying a home is not easy. there are so many things you need to consider

  9. Living in an area where there will be peace is necessary especially if you have kids. Avoiding unsecured environment is a must.

  10. those helpful tips would surely guide house hunting couples there. finding ur link thru FBU page, joanne 🙂

    see u 🙂

  11. and oh, here’s another one. visit u are not busy with ur soda biz 🙂

  12. Location, accessibility and affordability would be my priority in buying one.

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