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The Most Stylish Luxury Villas to Rent

Jamaica is a country that really has a lot of interesting places to see. A lot of luxury villas, which are basically rental homes for families or small groups going on vacation, tend to be decorated with a very clean, modern sort of look. Lots of white walls, white-edged swimming pools, that sort of thing… so I was surprised when I found out that some villas decided to opt for some serious style instead. Take a look at this place, called Dream Walk at Moon Dance, built in Jamaica.

There’s a lot of color here, and I love the way things either tend to completely blend in or completely stick out. That chair on the left is just about the same color as the walls, and there’s no way that isn’t intentional. That couch a little further back is the same, but just look at the way the curtains pop out. They refuse to be ignored. I’m not certain there’s really anywhere in this place that isn’t meant for some sort of visual impact; I have to admit, it’d be kind of interesting to live there for awhile.

And this is what I meant by the modern look. At least from this point of view, this villa was obviously built with symmetry in mind. Two doors, two staircases into the pool, two potted plants, two gardens, and I think I see a Jacuzzi hiding there just behind that center wall. I get the roofs, and even if it is in the Caribbean, Jamaica isn’t the sort of place that makes me think of this kind of design… but, on the other hand, I suppose this sort of place would be a welcome rest for people who are tired out from doing everything else. I actually really like that this place makes the swimming pool part of the design, though; unlike a lot of Jamaica villas, it isn’t just a rectangle added in. If you’re interested, this villa is Pinnacle, Tryall Club, and it’s apparently part of a group of villas.

One of the fun things about the tropics is that you can combine indoor and outdoor living fairly easily, since it’s warm enough that there aren’t any problems. This “Beach House” (yes, that’s the actual name) is doing something fun by mixing a big balcony, always nice to have, with a dining area below it. I haven’t usually seen ceiling fans under a balcony before, but I can see it working here. This sort of style doesn’t really show up in colder parts of the world, and it can be a lot of fun to see how architecture changes as you travel. Villas are usually more interesting in design than hotels, so if you’re heading to the Caribbean, check them out. You might find someplace really fun.

Skimpy Shorts

Being an impulsive buyer that I am, I spent 350php ($9 more or less) on a sexy short last weekend. Saw this one on Facebook and I just can’t help but buy it.

Yes, this one is so skimpy and I would love to wear this shorts one of these days. I will definitely post a picture of me wearing it here in my fashion/travel blog. I bought this one because I have a top that would definitely look great with this short.

I have the guts and the legs to wear this one, I believe. LOL

Mountain Climbing

Once in my life I thought I could be a mountain climber. The only problem is my mother won’t allow me to join the group of people who are mountain climbers here in my place. A dear friend of mine, Ate Leah is the President and organizer of the group called GALI – Green Advocates for Life. Without hesitation I still joined the group without my mother’s knowledge. And because she won’t allow me to climb mountains, I don’t climb mountains.

One good reason is that I am so thin that my mom is scared that I cannot survive the long walks, bringing big backpacks with lots of stuffs and the scorching heat during the day and the chilly air during the night. Another reason is that we have no medical air evacuation readily available here in our place if there are any emergencies and problems during the climb.

So when our group organized a mountain climb event in Mount Kalatungan here in our town, I didn’t mountain climb with the group but I am one of the people who help in getting the permission for the climb, find the vehicles that could be used by the team to travel from the main town to the foot of the mountain and of course I am the head of the secretariat. So even though I cannot climb mountains, I am glad that I am still a part of the group who do the mountain climbing.