Bohol Getaway with the Clan

We had a very long-weekend and we enjoyed it in Bohol. Yes! I call it the Bohol August Getaway together with my relatives. We were 50 plus persons including the children and we had a BLAST in Bohol.

We visited our Grandmother, “Lola Azon” as we fondly called her at the same time we celebrated our cousin’s (Manong Lito) 47th birthday in Lola’s house. Manong Lito and Tata Tony brought 2 cars (Grandia and Navara) but still it is not enough to service all of us. So we rent another van and we also borrowed another van from our Tita Grace for our Bohol tour and other activities, but before we rent the van for hire we made sure that its tire rims are in good condition, because we don’t want to face road problems while on tour. We went to a lot of place and I will share it with you in the coming days.

As for now, I just want to say that our Bohol August Getaway was a HUGE SUCCESS.

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