Skiing Around the World

Ski is a device invented for skiing. It is a long board which is worn on the feet and allows a person to travel over the snow. Skiing has been popular in countries that have colder climates, and it has been recognized as a major sport in some famous tournaments across the globe. Even though there are techniques in skiing, which is difficult to master, this sport is still accessible for beginners and also for people who are oblivious about sports, but are very willing to learn.

Skiing is not only a popular winter sport, but it is also a recreational past time, providing fun and pleasure for all ages. Moreover, it also offers pure exhilaration and an unforgettable experience for people who wanted to unwind from a busy day or even hang-out with family or friends. Gliding through the snow, breathing in the air of an expansive open valley and being able to glance and see the views at the top of the hill or mountain are an opportunity surely we can’t miss experiencing.

Furthermore, unlike other sports, skiing is also accessible to people with disabilities, may it be a physical or cognitive disability. For instance, a skier who is blind is provided with an audible clue to aid and guide him. In addition to that, disabled skiers are also given an opportunity to join tournaments.

Despite the fact that skiing is only accessible to countries that have colder climates such as Norway, Switzerland, France, Spain, USA, Italy, Austria, Canada and Bulgaria, tourists still flock to these places just to experience fun and pleasure. However, because of the advancement of today’s technology, skiing is even made possible for tropical and hot countries. Dubai, for example, has an indoor resort for skiing and other recreations in snow setting.

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