Monthly Archives: October 2011

Equestrian Outfits

Yesterday, I was watching PBO (Pinoy Box Office), a TV channel available here in the Philippines only and I am quite astonished by Mikee Cojuangco’s acting. Sometimes her hobby is included in the setting or in the movie. She is an equestrian in real life and I love the way she moves inside the arena (if that is what people call it).

Her equestrian outfits are so cool paired with her equestrian helmets. I don’t know if I can carry such outfit like she do and I also do not think that I can manage to ride a horse and let it gallop or jump high with me riding on it.

Close Shoes

I am not a fan of close shoes, flats or with heels because I am more used to wearing my flip-flops and slippers. But last week, I was compelled to buy one because I needed one. We had a meeting at the Coca-Cola New Plant in Villanueva and we are not allowed to enter the Plant if we will not wear close shoes.

So, after buying dresses, I also went shoe-shopping and saw this one:

I think this is not the original one because the price is much lower and I got this in shops along the aisle at Big R. Nevertheless, having this shoe helps me when I have emergency meetings because I always kept this one in the car.

Traveling with Batteries

Today’s generation has surely made us humans become more dependent with gadgets and devices. This has become a necessity in our daily activities in order to make things easier and manageable. Because of this, aa rechargeable batteries became a necessity and a source of power for emergency and travel purposes.

Traveling is an outdoor activity for relaxation, exploration and adventure. And of course, we should take into account that it possesses a lot risks and unexpected things could happen anytime. That is why, traveling with batteries is one of the main things a person must do in order to equip and prepare himself for uncalled situations. Surely, anyone stuck in these difficult situations would have regretted not bringing any precautionary measures.

Aside from that, batteries may not only serve as protection and a precautionary measure for uncalled circumstances, but it can also be a source of pleasure while traveling. Cameras, Video Cameras and other digital devices which capture every detail of the trip are powered with batteries. Surely, one will get frustrated when he or she is unable to capture these rare and treasured moments.