3 New Havaianas Slippers

We were planning to buy 2 Havaianas Slippers for JB and Tpai because they need new pairs. And we were glad when we went to the Spruce Store and found out that they are having a SALE for all their old Havaianas Slippers products. If you buy one pair, you could get 20% off its original price and if you buy two pairs or more, you could get 40% off its price.
Imagine, I was able to buy 3 pairs instead of 2 because of the sale. And instead of buying one for Jb and one for Tpai, we also bought one pair for Gerry because he also needs a new pair of slippers.

I didn’t buy a pair for myself because asĀ  have said, we went there to buy only 2 pairs and end up buying 3 because of the sale. And I am astounded by the colors they picked, they chose violet/purple colored slippers. I think they were influenced by my latest slippers too, you could check it out here : Pink Strap/Purple Sole.

And before I forget, the SALE is until November 30 at all Spruce Stores nationwide (I better check that out again if I am right).

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