Monthly Archives: November 2011

Christmas FOOD

I can hear Christmas songs on the radio lately and this can only mean one thing, Christmas Spirit is finally here. Here in the Philippines, we usually prepare a sumptuous dinner for the whole family during Christmas Eve. If we have a bounty harvest for that year, my parents would have roasted pig, roasted chicken, ham, beef steak and sweet and sour pork. Aside from that we also prepare desserts and sweets because most guests’ loves to eat them, the kids also love them. I used to prepare mango float, fruit salad, leche flan, and spaghetti, but this year I would love to try having Shari’s Beries because they look delicious and tasty. I have checked out their site and they offer a lot of delicacy at a very affordable price too. Moreover, the children would really love to have and eat them because they are colourful and look yummy and sweet.


Villanueva Coca-Cola Plant

It’s not everyday that I get an invite to a Coca-Cola Mega Plant that is why I just couldn’t let the chance pass by. When our DTLs invited us for a meeting at the Villanueva Coca-Cola Plant last October, without hesitation we attended the meeting which includes free lunch plus a plant tour.

We are not allowed to take pictures inside the bottling area so we have to be contented posing and taking our pictures outside the bottling area. As of today, we had only one line running to make those tasty softdrinks to quench your thirst because the Mega Plant is still not finished yet.

Summer and Sunglasses

Summer is always HOT that is why we need sunglasses, right? I know how to drive and I am always on the move so I have invested a good amount of money to my very own sunglasses. I don’t know if I look okay wearing the one I have chosen but what is more important is that t protects my eyes from the scorching heat and light from Mr. Sun.

Just recently I have heard about Native Sunglasses and I want to check them out because maybe I will look fashionable wearing them aside from the fact that they are protecting me from the bad effects that the sun could do into my eyes.