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Summer and Sunglasses

Summer is always HOT that is why we need sunglasses, right? I know how to drive and I am always on the move so I have invested a good amount of money to my very own sunglasses. I don’t know if I look okay wearing the one I have chosen but what is more important is that t protects my eyes from the scorching heat and light from Mr. Sun.

Just recently I have heard about Native Sunglasses and I want to check them out because maybe I will look fashionable wearing them aside from the fact that they are protecting me from the bad effects that the sun could do into my eyes.

3 New Havaianas Slippers

We were planning to buy 2 Havaianas Slippers for JB and Tpai because they need new pairs. And we were glad when we went to the Spruce Store and found out that they are having a SALE for all their old Havaianas Slippers products. If you buy one pair, you could get 20% off its original price and if you buy two pairs or more, you could get 40% off its price.
Imagine, I was able to buy 3 pairs instead of 2 because of the sale. And instead of buying one for Jb and one for Tpai, we also bought one pair for Gerry because he also needs a new pair of slippers.

I didn’t buy a pair for myself because as  have said, we went there to buy only 2 pairs and end up buying 3 because of the sale. And I am astounded by the colors they picked, they chose violet/purple colored slippers. I think they were influenced by my latest slippers too, you could check it out here : Pink Strap/Purple Sole.

And before I forget, the SALE is until November 30 at all Spruce Stores nationwide (I better check that out again if I am right).

Party Invitations

Christmas is fast-approaching and I guess everybody is getting themselves ready for the parties to come. I mean, hey, Christmas will not be perfect if we don’t have to celebrate different Christmas Parties with our family, loved-ones and friends. Christmas Parties are everywhere; we celebrate it at school, at work, at our home. We even celebrate it at hospitals, at our farms and ranches.

But of course, we need to prepare for such parties in order for it to be successful and full of fun. We need to think about what kind of party invitations we should make, we could try wine party invitations for a change. We also need to think of what kinds of food we need to prepare or order at the catering services. Aside from that, the party venue should also be taken care of in order to have the perfect Christmas Party.

Christmas Party, big or small, should be well taken-care of and one good way of having it well-prepared is to think and gather ideas for it ahead of time.

All Soul’s Day

Here in the Philippines, we celebrate All Soul’s Day in the cemetery and because I grew up in the province I never had a chance to experience a Halloween Party or doing trick or treats with the neighbours because we are not used to having such events. And every time I watch Hollywood Movies or TV programs from the US, I am envious of the kids and their mothers who were able to experience Halloween Parties.

But nowadays, the big malls here in our country are celebrating Halloween with Costume Parties for the children near their stores. Parents who lived nearby bring their children wearing costumes, scary or not, to the malls to join the event. I am hopeful though that we can also practice such activities here in our town so that the kids could enjoy Halloween Parties too.

I want my children to experience things I have not experienced first-hand which I feel they could enjoy so much. But as of now, we should visit our departed loved-ones in the cemetery, attend the mass for the dead, and bring flowers and candles to their grave. I don’t want my children to forget the culture that we already have which is to celebrate All Soul’s Day at the cemetery.

Key Points to Stay Safe While Traveling

Seeing the sights, experiencing a new culture, trying a new dish: these are just some of the reasons why traveling in a foreign country is such a memorable moment. You really have to cherish the experience thinking it might be the last. Being on a trip surely do sound fun and exciting that’s why you’ll find it hard to believe that there are individuals who are weary and skeptic about this idea. Those who are not fond of these adventure trips often have their safety and security in mind which of course is a valid reason to reconsider.


This is why it is important to take note of the necessary precautions and key points that can help you be safe during your holiday. Yes, being a little carefree and adventurous can add more fun but doesn’t mean that you would need to jeopardize your health and precious life. Start by having a checklist. This is something that you should do prior to the trip. Do a little research ahead of time about your destination such as about the weather, customs and a background about their laws. It won’t hurt to also know a little about the basics such as in electronics in order to have an idea of what to pack.


Avoid getting sick and make sure that you are in perfect condition. Take the vaccines that are often required in several countries in order to be protected during your travel. Bring some of the basic medicines for minor illnesses such as headache and fever. This is a good idea especially if you are visiting a country that speaks another language as you might not understand the labels on their products.


Avail of a travel insurance, this is the best way to ensure that in case there are any unforeseen events during your travel, you can easily ask someone for assistance. Determine your needs and requirements and do not settle for anything less that the price that you paid.


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She enjoys working on travel, fashion and health related topics such as leg warmers for women and sees this as an opportunity to share stories and inspire the readers.