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Merry Christmas Fellow Fashionista Travelers

Hello fellow bloggers and readers who are fashion enthusiast and travel lovers, I just want to GREET you MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Wishing you all the best for this Christmas season and a bountiful new year ahead of us.

Cheers to all of us, more fashion reviews to make and hoping for more places to visit next year.

Jewelries for Christmas

I love accessories and I love to accessorize, I love to mix and match everything that I own. Anywhere that my mom went, she always brought me something from the place she visited, necklace, earrings, and even bracelets.

But there is something I am beginning to fall in love with, personalized jewelry. It is something that I would really love to have because wearing something like it makes people see what kind or type of person I am. It is a great gift for Christmas I believe.

Traveling for the Holiday

As I have said, I have been dreaming of a WHITE CHRISTMAS and of course I cannot enjoy it here. So I have been thinking of going away for the holidays, perhaps a Christmas Vacation in a place where snow is prevalent.

Having a White Christmas is one of my dreams and because Santa Claus cannot give it to me, I think I need find ways to let it happen than relying on him. I am thinking of spending a week or two in a US state wherein they celebrate Christmas season with snow. But it would be hard for me I guess because for a Filipino like me, I need to have a tourist visa to be able to travel there.

I will try to check out some Southeast Asian countries if ever they are able to celebrate Christmas with some snow because I only need to have my passport for a 30 days’ vacation.

Holiday Shopping for Christmas Gifts

Shopping is something we always do, right girls? My life will not be complete without shopping malls. And because Christmas is fast approaching, yes, as in super-fast, like 8 days to go and the kids will come knocking at my door asking for Christmas Gifts. Having shopping malls make my life easier and one thing I have noticed when I shop is the way the cashier checks out the prices of the things I bought, with the help of barcode scanner it is easy for them to charge us with all the things we are going to buy.

Gone are the days when the cashiers needs to type in the cash register all the things we bought plus the prices that comes with it, they just let the scanner scan the bar code and voila, it’s like magic, it automatically enters into the computer.

Back to my holiday shopping spree, I bought a lot of kid stuff as gifts (well, Christmas is gift-giving) which includes but are not limited to collapsible water container, barbie dolls, baby clothing and little trucks/cars.

My god children would definitely love them, I hope so.

GT: Where’d My Money Go

I think I have spent so much on gifts, I believe. Gifts for my son, my brothers, my loved-ones ;). And I don’t care if I have to spend all my online earnings to them. I have also spend a great deal of money to our vacations, we have traveled a lot for this year although it is just within our country, the Philippines, we enjoyed it so much and we treasured every moment of it.

Aside from that I have bought a new camera, a Canon 450D from my earnings too. Moreover I have spent a hefty sum on a new business venture too. I will share about it when it is finished already.