Monthly Archives: December 2011

Merry Christmas Fellow Fashionista Travelers

Hello fellow bloggers and readers who are fashion enthusiast and travel lovers, I just want to GREET you MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Wishing you all the best for this Christmas season and a bountiful new year ahead of us.

Cheers to all of us, more fashion reviews to make and hoping for more places to visit next year.

Jewelries for Christmas

I love accessories and I love to accessorize, I love to mix and match everything that I own. Anywhere that my mom went, she always brought me something from the place she visited, necklace, earrings, and even bracelets.

But there is something I am beginning to fall in love with, personalized jewelry. It is something that I would really love to have because wearing something like it makes people see what kind or type of person I am. It is a great gift for Christmas I believe.

Traveling for the Holiday

As I have said, I have been dreaming of a WHITE CHRISTMAS and of course I cannot enjoy it here. So I have been thinking of going away for the holidays, perhaps a Christmas Vacation in a place where snow is prevalent.

Having a White Christmas is one of my dreams and because Santa Claus cannot give it to me, I think I need find ways to let it happen than relying on him. I am thinking of spending a week or two in a US state wherein they celebrate Christmas season with snow. But it would be hard for me I guess because for a Filipino like me, I need to have a tourist visa to be able to travel there.

I will try to check out some Southeast Asian countries if ever they are able to celebrate Christmas with some snow because I only need to have my passport for a 30 days’ vacation.