GT: Something New

I miss Girl’s Talk and I miss the girls. I was so busy with my real life that I have no time to join MEMEs at my virtual world. As of now I am trying to divide my time in order to participate in all aspects of my life.

For this week, the GT’s topic is about something new, looking back, I realized that I have bought a lot of things this year, and aside from that owning 2 dogs as well. I have bought a new netbook and I have made a post why and when in my other blog.

My bf gave me two dogs, one for my birthday and the other one because he just want to. He gave me a Labrador Retriever and a Dachshund. It was something new for me because I only had “Askals” in our backyard as my pets not pure breeds.

Aside from that, I was into dressing up this year more than ever. I acquired a lot of dresses and gave up wearing the same old plain t-shirt and jeans.

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