Monthly Archives: January 2012

Music and Me

I am a music-lover but music hates me. I mean, I love to sing but I don’t have a good voice. So instead of trying so hard to learn how to sing, I focus on dancing because its one thing I am good at. By the way, it still brings me to my first love, MUSIC. I need music to dance, right?

When I was in college I have a friend who is good at mixing music and who is a good DJ. He was the one who taught me how to hone my skills in dancing and he is the one who keeps on sharing his thoughts about music and his tools such as motu 896mk3 hybrid to make good music.


Pink Mask

Today is Friday once again and here I am sharing my post about something pink that I own.
My son went to my office and when he looked up, somewhere at the wall, he saw my lines of masks. He wants to try one, so I let him. I let him used the pink one and look here:

He looks cute wearing it. We are just playing around, using my laptop’s webcam to take our picture.

Travel Memorabilias

One thing I love about traveling is that I get to own a lot of things from the different places I am visiting. The most common thing I always buy to remind me that I have visited such place or country is KEY CHAINS. Yes, it is not expensive, I can carry it without taking much effort, and I can buy a whole bunch of it to give away for my friends and family. Another collectible that I love to buy is the refrigerator magnet, it is also cheap and lightweight so it is a very ideal memorabilia to take home too. I have not heard of trophies that are sold as travel memorabilia for a certain place or country. But it can be great if some countries that are good at sports and Olympics can think of selling such memorabilia to their tourists and guests because it is unique.