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Dream House

One of my biggest dreams in life is to own a house along with my future family. I think that the interior and the design of the house are very important because it creates and gives off an image or reflection of the attitude and atmosphere of the family living in it. Although some people perceive houses as a symbol of social and economic status, I, on the other hand, disagree with this notion. I believe that it is a matter of establishing your own ideals and dreams with great love and compassion.

A simple yet elegant building is the picturesque of what I desire for my house. It will be like a bungalow-type house with a wide garden at the front, planted with colorful and alluring flowers, and then a little portion of it will be utilized for grilling foods and chilling with friends, visitors or family members. And of course, the interior design of the house is the most important thing above anything else. Aside from the design and color of the wall, I think furniture’s and fixtures play a very important role on making the house more conducive for recreation and daily family activities.

However, I believe that when it comes to furniture’s and fixtures, I think that there is some stuff that needs to be purchased at a reasonable price. And at the same time, it must be presentable, comfy and clean. On the other hand, I also think that my ideal house should not only be dominated with luxurious furniture’s and other appliances, but it must also be organized and clean as well. The retail display fixtures could be of great help for this. Not only does it serve as for organizing different kinds of stuff, but it also enhances the ambiance of the house because of its simplicity and elegance.

New Fashion for 2012

For some people, fashion is their life; fashion is the only way they can deal with life. While for some, fashion is something that never goes out of style.

I am a woman and something inside of me says that I should be fashionable and stylish at the same time because I am a woman. When I was young I thought being fashionable is expensive but now that I know how to deal with life, I realized that I can be fashionable yet frugal at the same time. I realized that there are ways I can wear something that is stylish for the time being without spending too much on them. There are ways I can look great without buying the new apparels and accessories I have read and seen at some magazines. Especially nowadays that I can get some help from Fashion Social Network on how to look fashionable and great because I can get some good ideas from joining such network and I can also communicate with other members and share our fashion secrets at the same time.

In a world we are living in, where everything is right at our fingertips, we can easily search the internet for the things we needed and wanted in our life. For 2012, I think the newest fashion we can think of is to sign up for fashion networks and get ideas, thoughts or concepts from them. It is the most easy and cheap way to be fashionable as we can be for this year.

I won in PinkMagaline’s Giveaway

When I opened my Facebook account today, I was so happy to see that there are bloggers who tagged me in their comments. They tagged and congratulated me because I won in‘s Christmas Giveaway. I thought my luck has run already because I have been joining a lot of giveaways last year but I didn’t win any thing at all.
The prizes includes:
2 pieces gift checks from Get Polished, valued at P500 each
vintage necklace
Oro panythose sandal-toe stockings
vintage ring
peacock ring
bag organizer (contents not included)
Forever 21 black halter dress
feather earrings
And here is the proof that I won in her blog giveaway:

New Year, New Travel Plans

Last year I was not able to visit other countries other than my own but it was still a travel year for me. I went to Manila, Tagaytay, Cebu, Bohol, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro with my boyfriend. We visited some tourist spots and we enjoyed our time staying in some hotels.

One thing I could not forget was our Enchanted Kingdom and Ocean Park adventure. It was my first time to visit such great places in the Philippines last year and it was a blast. I realized that I don’t need to go abroad just to experience such tourist spots, though they don’t give out plastic business card as remembrance.

Another unforgettable experience last year was our Cebu-Bohol vacation with the kids. Aside from enjoying our time in the hotel, we also did enjoy our land trips and visits to different local and tourist spots in the province.

For this year, as early as now, I am planning our travels for this year to be able to enjoy our time to the fullest.

Pink Lego Key Chain

Today is Friday the 13th and I hope I am LUCKY contrary to what other people say about Friday the Thirteens.

My friend who lives in Germany asked me if I want a LEGO key chain embossed with my name because she will visit LEGO Land and she could buy me some if I asked her to. I have shared about it in my other blog but I want to share it here too, and for Pink Fridays, because my Lego Key chain is pink.