Fashion for the BIG and TALL

The diversity and differences in both body and physique has been one of the frustrating factors when it comes to fashioning and style. Normally, the big ones have the disadvantage because of the limited availability of clothes and accessories, which could fit them well. Aside from that, most of us desire to be thin, gorgeous and sexy, so being big, fat, etc., is not a norm, unless the culture widely accepts and worships bigger women, which is not that common, right?

On the other hand, being Big and Tall has a detrimental and maladaptive effect on one’s psychological health. This is because of their perception that they look so ugly, not sexy, etc. These negative attributes to the self normally result to inferiority and loss of self-esteem and confidence. That is why fashion designers have been focusing on the best design and outfit for women who are big and tall, which will help them look sexier, more gorgeous and appealing to the public. Dickies Clothing, I believe is a big help to every people in need of the right clothing and fashion trends.

One of the best designs and fashion style for tall women are high-waist pants. Tall women are long-legged, thus, high-waist pants could enhance their unique and beautiful feature of their body. Aside from that, t-shirts paired with skinny jeans (like the t-shirt is inserted behind the pants) then accessorize it with silver jewelleries and a belt will make the tall and big women look sexier because the waist is given an emphasis. The purpose of inserting the t-shirt behind the pants is to emphasize the curve of the waist.

Aside from styles, big and tall women should also be cautious of the color of the clothes they are wearing. Dark colors could make them look sexier while bright colors emphasize their true size and shape. So girls, please minimize wearing white shirts or clothes, or any bright colors!

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