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Happy Day of Hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

Valentine’s is all about LOVE but it doesn’t mean that only couples are allowed to celebrate it. For those who think that Valentine’s Day is for the people who are in a relationship or happily married , you are absolutely wrong. Valentine’s Day is for everybody, you can celebrate it with your family, friends and even co-workers. If you are single, why worry? Buy cakes, flowers and chocolates then give it to your parents, they are the people who made you more complete than anybody else. Share your blessing and your love to your siblings, they are the people you grew up with, shared your toys and room with, and they will stand by you no matter what happens.


Stylish Gold Rings

When you are looking for a new gold ring there are many things to consider. The first thing you should consider is the karat of gold you want. There are 3 commonly used karats of gold today. The lowest amount of gold is 10 karat. The most common is 14 karat and the most pure that is commonly used is is 18 karat gold. If you are good with math you will be able to figure out how pure it is knowing that 24 karat gold is 100 percent pure. So 18 out of 24 isn’t that bad. So once you have decided the right type of gold you want you go now look at the different styles. Some people like to make a statement with their style by getting a really cool wedding band.

If gold isn’t going to be what you are looking for you could consider some alternative metals. These metals usually hold up better than gold, or platinum. In fact a tungsten wedding band is going to wear a lot better than yellow or white gold. Tungsten is not a precious metal but with some working it can be made to look like a very handsome wedding band.

Pink Memo Pad

Hello Pink Lovers out there, I am here again for another PINK FRIDAY post. I wanna share with you the token I received from Mommy Jes last year from her contest. A pink memo pad and a personalized one. A lot of contest joiners has received this one especially those who were considered as early birds.
I love the memo pad and I only use it for important matters because I don’t want to waste it on something that is not worth writing.

Valentines Day Ideas

Valentines is on its way, almost knocking through my door. Valentines is all over the television, it’s on the news, every advertisement made for different products focus on love, cupid, and couples. It is not hard to look for the perfect place to spend Valentines nor hard to think of the best gift for your other half because ideas are sold on the television (be it on the news or advertisements) and it’s also printed in the newspapers.

There are hotels who offer romantic dinner date (buffet or not) on Valentine’s Day, some have singers and music bands to serenade the couple while eating. Some places have offered different activities to be shared and done by the couples, there is dual zip line for the adventurous, and there are air balloons where couples could spend one hour together up in the sky. There are spas who offer 2 massages for the price of one and I expect they had a spray on tan.

Everything has a price though, so it really depends on your budget. You can definitely spend your money on something memorable for you and your loved-one this Valentine’s Day.

Underwear Organizer

I have been looking for an underwear organizer for so long and finally I have found it in a local store nearby. My cabinet doesn’t have a drawer for my underwear that is why I bought an underwear organizer to keep my cabinet in good order. I don’t like it when my blouses got mixed up with my t-shirts, and I don’t like the looks of my bra’s and panties go haywire.

Aside from the cute design on the outside, it also looks cool on the inside:

See, it is a great help to have an organizer inside your cabinet for your underwear because it will keep your things in good order.