Monthly Archives: February 2012

Shopping for the Perfect Cabinet

I need a new cabinet and so when we went to Davao City last week I checked out some available cabinets for sale at SM because I am planning to buy a new one.

There are plastic cabinets that I have been checking out until I saw this one and fall in love with it. I didn’t take a picture of it while we were still in the mall because it is not allowed so I just took a picture of it when we arrive home.

This cabinet is just perfect! It has five drawers that is enough for all of my baby’s needs.

Shopping for Strollers

I love shopping. How many times do I have to tell my readers about it? Many times until I get my readers to love shopping too. My son’s stroller is not in good condition anymore and now that I need a new one I am checking out different stores and shops online for travel system strollers. I have found this one:
I love the color, the style, and aside from that it looks durable too. It is not too pricey, the price is just right for that stroller. But still I am thinking of buying a pink one, so I am still looking for some other designs.

Happy Day of Hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

Valentine’s is all about LOVE but it doesn’t mean that only couples are allowed to celebrate it. For those who think that Valentine’s Day is for the people who are in a relationship or happily married , you are absolutely wrong. Valentine’s Day is for everybody, you can celebrate it with your family, friends and even co-workers. If you are single, why worry? Buy cakes, flowers and chocolates then give it to your parents, they are the people who made you more complete than anybody else. Share your blessing and your love to your siblings, they are the people you grew up with, shared your toys and room with, and they will stand by you no matter what happens.