Monthly Archives: March 2012

Goodbye March, Hello April

March is a very memorable month for me. Why? Because last March 17, 2012 I gave birth to my adorable baby girl. I have been praying for a girl and God gave us a baby girl.

I had a normal delivery, thanks to God and after 2 days we are out of the hospital already. We are planning her Christening already and we have chosen to have her baptized this coming Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012.

We only chose 4 godfather and 4 godmother for our baby Gerayah and we hope that they could come this coming Sunday.


Tiny Little Hands

This picture was taken using my iPhone 4S.

I took it while we were still in the hospital, just after I gave birth to my little baby girl. I would treasure this photo forever simply because it shows love and affection of a mother to her daughter, doesn’t it? And watching this picture every now and then, makes me realize how lucky I am to be her mother.

Fashionable Scents

Aside from shopping, diamonds and stilettos, women loves fragrances. I am a woman, and yes I love to use perfumes and colognes to smell good. I don’t have BO (bad body odor) but I still use perfumes and colognes to make myself smell great because they make me feel good too.

I love to use perfumes which smells natural fruits or flowers because I have a sensitive nose. I have tried Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea and I loved it, I am planning to try other scents such as Harvey Prince fragrances. Sometimes, perfumes have the power to evoke different emotions if we smell them. That is why it is important for a woman to choose wisely what perfume to use. We can wear perfumes which have the power to seduce, and there are also perfumes which can calm our minds if we smell them. All in all, scents are always fashionable and it will never go out of style.