Daily Archives: March 16, 2012

Fashionable House Lighting

Being fashionable can also be applied to your home, you can find a good interior designer to help you with the home decoration and proper lighting or you can browse through the internet and find some Do-It-Yourself videos for a good house lighting and design. You can find a hubbardton forge lighting on sale when you check out the internet nowadays. You can try to put it in your bathroom or in your bedroom, they have so many lights available in different categories.

Your home needs to have a good house lighting and at the same time it can be fashionable. Fashionable in the sense that it is modern, stylish and chic and it suits your home for   good ambiance. You don’t need to have a mansion or a luxurious looking house just to be in fashion and in style, you can make your house look good by applying different lighting that would look great with it. You can also try chandelier lighting for a unique look at you living room, it wouldn’t hurt to try it, right? The living room or receiving room is where you took your visitors in, and it should be presentable and clean, but aside from that, you need to have a good lighting in that area to be able to enjoy your time with your guests.

If you have enough money, you can make your house look good with different house lighting with the help of an interior designer, but if you are on a budget, you can check out the internet for some tips on how to make your home look good by applying the right lighting.


Instagram Picture

Downloaded Instagram application in my iPhone 4S and I enjoyed using it so much. I can integrate it to my Facebook account and I already have an album for my Instagram photos in my Facebook private account.

One photo that I loved so much using Instagram is this one:

We are on our way to Church when I captured this one. That is my little brother Rashid with my Jb and Tpy.