SUMMER is coming

Yes, summer is coming, April and May is considered summer time in the Philippines. Kids love to spend their summer vacation at home and play with their toys or with their siblings, because April and May is a vacation time for them, there will be no classes to attend to.

But its different for my family and relatives, every summer vacation, we see to it that we can visit our Grandmother who lives in Bohol and spend at least a week or two with her, together with our other close relatives. But I cannot visit my Grandmother this year, I just gave birth and my mother will not allow my little baby to travel from Bukidnon to Bohol so I am thinking if I can send grandma gifts online instead.

Sending her gifts will not be equaled if I visit her personally but I believe she will understand my situation. Maybe I can visit her next year if my baby will already turn 1 year old.

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