Monthly Archives: April 2012

Gift for my Brother

If you want to get good quality audio equipment, you got to have bose. They are known for their never ending line of products such as loudspeakers, headsets, amplifiers, headphones, and they also have automotive sound systems. And with their continuous research of improving the best design of their products, you will never get wrong with the choice you’ll make for your business. Considering the quality and performance, I will definitely buy my brother a Bluetooth headset as a gift. Good thing that you can get it through online shopping.

Shopping with Cousins

I’ve got cousins who work abroad. Most of them are working in the medical field and it was only every summer that they get a chance to go home here in the Philippines so they can spend time with their respective families. When we, the cousins, get together, we instantly bond through shopping. We get to buy clothes, Cherokee uniforms, shoes, accessories, and eat in a fancy restaurant and have a never ending chit chat. It only happens once a year but we make sure that we get to spend some quality time together.

Pink Ribbon

During my baby’s Christening, I see to it that everything is ready and SPECIAL. Special means unique and different. I have attended a lot of Baby Christening and most of the time the parents just bought those little candles which costs only around 2php each. But during the seminar, I have learned from the nun that we should invest in the candles because a person should only light the same candle during his baptismal, confirmation, and wedding rites.

So I asked the bf to buy those bigger candles for the godparents and the biggest for us (the parents). And of course, I didn’t forget to make it special by tying Pink Ribbons around the candles.

Summer Vacation

SUMMER is not just around the corner, it is somewhere near the BEACH, the SAND and under the SUN. I don’t know why if I think of the word “SUMMER”, I see sun-tanned people in my mind who are wearing bikinis and swimming trunks while playing volleyball near the beach.

Moreover, classes has finally ended, it is summer vacation for the kids and yet, the rain is still pouring. Yeah, I am excited to wake every day to check out if the weather is already fiery HOT and if ever Mr. SUN is up early, but sometimes I am disappointed when I go outside because the weather is cold as ICE.

So, I am thinking of a good, ohhh, BEST PLACE to spend the summer vacation with, not in Orlando because it is too far. I am thinking of somewhere near and cost lesser than having a vacation abroad. I cannot spend my summer vacation in the white beaches of Panglao because it is far, I need to ride a ship before I can get there and you see it will not be feasible for my 1 month old daughter. So, perhaps we could go to Samal Island in Davao which is nearer here in Bukidnon or perhaps Dakak.

Anyway, before I go, let me ask you a question, “What comes to your mind if you hear the word SUMMER?”.

Baby Needs

Aside from the baby clothes, baby diapers and other baby stuffs I have blogged about, I also bought these baby needs when we went to Davao City.

I bought a nail cutter for baby which I surely need. I also bought a cleaning brush for her baby bottles, one baby bottle, a nasal aspirator which is a great help because she doesn’t know how to sneeze on her own just yet. A set of hair brush and comb for her pretty short hair. And a toy, yes she can’t play with it just yet but I get too excited when I was shopping and I just bought it.